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SES Government Solutions expands global communications capabilities of the U.S. Government by providing reliable and secure fixed commercial satellite services as well as timely and affordable solutions to access space. SES-GS continues to serve the U.S. Government SATCOM market since 1973.

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Hosted Payloads

At a time where many government satellite programs have experienced schedule delays, cancellations and budgetary challenges, the use of commercially hosted payloads can help to maintain (or in some cases accelerate) program schedules, fill gaps in operational and proof-of-concept activities and provide a timely and affordable means of accessing space.

SES Government Solutions has hosted the very first Commercially Hosted Infrared Payload (CHIRP) aboard the SES-2 spacecraft since 2011.

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The Future COMSATCOM Services Acquisition (FCSA) allows SES-GS to provide transponded capacity (bandwidth), subscription services (plug-and-play services) and Custom SATCOM Solutions (CS2) to all U.S. Government customers.

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UAS/RPA Bandwidth

SES Government Solutions leverages our global satellite fleet to provide communications capability for Unmanned Aerial and Remotely Piloted Aircraft requirements for Predators, Reapers and Gray Eagles.

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